Introducing the Freight Skills Academy...

Welcome to the world's first ongoing, interactive and educational broker growth platform.  Designed to take you places a 

Freight Broker Accelerator gives clear, in depth guidance into the transportation industry. I’ve gone through a few other programs and Freight Broker Accelerator makes the most sense. It’s great getting training from someone who is still very active in a successful brokerage.


Having just started out, Luis has given me guidance from every aspect of my brokerage. The Freight Broker Accelerator is a great way to get an introduction to the industry and learn from a true professional.


Let me be brutally honest (and confirm something you already know to be true.)

There is no broker course hiding on the internet that can guarantee you a real brokerage
worth millions, or even thousands of dollars.

Instead you'll need to...

  • Follow a proven plan.
  • Develop your own winning strategy.
  • Build systems and processes that set you up for success.
  • Find the right people to hire, train and help you grow to the next level.

Plus...actually do the work required in all of those areas.

Which is exactly what I designed the Freight Skills Academy to help you achieve.

When you follow this blueprint, combined with the support of the community.  Then and only then will you have a reasonable shot at making your dreams a reality.

But again nothing is guaranteed.  Im not going to BS you here.

What I can guarantee is that everything I teach has been tried and tested by myself over 15 years being a freight broker, and over seeing millions of dollars in freight revenue AND spend every MONTH.

And I'm certain that with the Universal business principles you will learn throughout this program, you will be able to stake your claim to this industry that is full of more opportunity every day.

A Peak Inside the Freight Skills Academy...

Now I started this page by saying this program will take you places that no course ever could.  

Here's why...

Courses are a one-time thing.  In fact, most of the broker course sellers out there either exited the industry, never attained the level you are trying to reach, or are teaching outdated information that you can probably find for free on youtube.

But the worst offense at all is that a simple course doesn't take into account the most important part of brokering...

And that is solving new problems that come up on a daily basis.

That's why this program is more than just a course.

It's a living, breathing organization that grows both with you and the industry at the same time.

I can make a claim like that because the information that I share with you, is the same information that I use to manage my brokerage at the multi million dollar per year level.

I know what it takes to get there and stay there and I am constantly adding new tactics, ideas and processes that we develop.

But anyway enough of that rant, here's what's inside the Freight Broker Accelerator Program...

Once inside the training area you gain access to 7 Core Modules.(And I'm Adding More Monthly)

Each module contains a video lesson that gives you information and then clear action steps that you need to take to move forward.  That's why this program works whether you just got your MC or you are already moving some loads.  These modules will give you the best shot at bringing your brokerage past 6 figures on your first try.

Without learning the hard way like I have.

Here's What You'll Learn Inside
The Training...

Module 1: Licensing, Insurance and Funding

Everything you need to create a solid foundation for your freight brokerage.  I'll show you how to adopt the mindset of a freight broker and share the actual steps for setting up your brokerage to win from the start.

  • Discover the different licenses and regulations you need to move high paying freight as a broker. (Hint: There is more than just an MC number and a bond)
  • Find out the BIG reason why now is the best time to become a freight broker and why this is one of the only recession proof businesses left in the world.
  • Learn why you don’t need a ton of upfront capital to start as a broker or agent (and the funding methods that will give you the best chance at success.)

Module 2: Shipping Mode Mastery

There is more to brokering than just hauling lumber and steel.  In fact we recommend you don't touch that's what you'll learn in this module.  We'll take all the pressure off of choosing your niche...something that keeps broker's new and old stuck for months.

  • Learn the number 1 mistake broker’s make to set themselves up for failure (And exactly how to avoid it for your brokerage)
  • Find out how to become an asset to your shipper so they rely on you to handle their entire supply chain…not just bits and pieces.
  • Discover the 5 most profitable freight niches that NO other broker’s will share with you.  Which are worth exploring and which worth ignoring.

Module 3: Freight Broker Operations Training

What does a day as a freight broker actually look like?  What should you spend your time doing and what should you avoid?  In this module we answer those questions and more as we get into the actual operations of a freight brokerage and show you how to do the job at the highest level.

  • Learn the tools Smart Brokers use to stay 10 steps ahead of their competition and exactly how to use them to your advantage.
  • Learn the step by step process used by top brokerages to eliminate load issues so that you never lose money due to a careless mistake.
  • Download exact step by step checklists to make your job even easier AND help you train any staff you bring on to assist you.

Module 4: Gain Shippers with Confidence

Attracting customers is one thing, keeping them happy and not losing them is another.  Whether you are starting your freight brokerage from past contacts, friends, referrals or you are starting from scratch, I'll show you how to find and keep the RIGHT clients from the get go and let go of clients that are a waste of time.

  • Learn the most important tools used by every brokerage to set yourself up for long term success.
  • Find out why you actually WANT and need competition in order to thrive (many freight brokers make the mistake of trying to eliminate their competition - and it’s usually just a matter of time until they become a secondary option to shippers)
  • Discover the number 1 tool our multimillion-dollar brokerage uses to find the highest quality leads.  (Hint: it’s not Thomas-net, google, or paid lead lists)
  • Discover how to gauge the responsiveness of a potential customer base (you don’t need "shippers" to succeed long term - you need true FANS of you and your brokerage)
  • Learn why in-person visits can be DETRIMENTAL to your initial shipper prospecting efforts and how to maximize your sales efforts from anywhere in the world.  (Even your bedroom)

Module 5: Carrier Networking and Negotiating

You can have all the customers in the world, but without trucks to move your freight, you will always struggle to make money.  Carrier management has changed drastically over the years

  • Find out where smart broker’s go to get their shipments moved by reliable carriers.(We'll teach you how to onboard your carriers and give you all the tools you need to do it.)
  • Learn how to build a carrier base from scratch even if NOBODY knows who you are right now.
  • Discover the MOST IMPORTANT SECRET to winning a carrier’s trust so that they will move loads for you, even if you haven’t been in the industry for a long time.
  • Learn freight broker lingo so that you can make calls to move your freight with confidence, standing out from every

Module 6: Train & Grow Your Team

Running a successful brokerage is rarely something you see being done by one person.  Eventually you will need to hire agent’s or a team to help you grow.  We’ll show you how to split up departments in your brokerage and even give you our SOP’s that we use in house to train them.

  • Find out how to eliminate the most common fears and internal blocks that come with growing your team.  Gain the confidence to build momentum as you grow your brokerage.
  • Find out how to build with agents (The RIGHT way) to grow your brokerage sales on autopilot.
  • Get full SOP’s (Standard operating procedures) that you can handoff to assistants or employees that show them exactly how to perform the job you hired for. (These are the same SOP’s used in my Multimillion dollar brokerage)
  • And more…

Module 7: Hire Agents to Grow

Agents are a great way to grow your brokerage and manage your risk.  This is a fast way to grow, but if you do it wrong, it could spell doom for the success of your brokerage.  In this module we'll show you how to hire, manage and train agents to set them up for success and keep your business safe.

  • Find out how to interview agents and find out quickly who is the right one for the job.  They represent you, you only want the best.
  • Learn how to use agent's to grow your brokerage sales without having to do any of the work you don't enjoy.
  • Get access to my ironclad agreements to help protect your brokerage if an agent leaves.
  • And more…

As You Can See, I'm giving you all the tools

you need to build or grow your own 
Brokerage or Succeed as an agent while 

living an amazing life on your terms

Plus we are constantly adding new modules to keep you on the cutting edge of growing your brokerage in these fast paced modern age.



When you join the Freight Broker Accelerator today you get access to our exclusive private community where you can have your questions answered LIVE by Luis and other freight broker professionals.  

You'll have access to bonus content and behind the scenes footage from an 8-figure brokerage that is still owned and operated by Luis to this day.  No more stale and expired content from broker's who exited the industry or sold their brokerage 10 years ago.


Sure you can find free agreements all over the internet, but the problem is these agreements are developed by lawyers or other brokers who haven’t really been in the trenches for many years.

My broker agreements have been developed with 10 years of mistakes that I made so that you don’t have to and you can customize them to fit your business however you want. We have spent thousands of dollars alone on just one of these agreements that you’ll get included in the course.

BONUS 3: Live Q & A's

Every few weeks, in our closed community, we will host a Q & A style session where you can submit any questions you have and Luis will answer them on video to make sure you have a clear understanding of what, why and how things are the way they are.

You will never be without help in this community.

BONUS 4: Discounts to Live Events
& Workshops

As a member of the Freight Skills Academy, you will get exclusive access to discounts on future trainings from freight skills which will include web and live in person training/events around the USA.

These discounts will only be available as an active or lifetime member of the community.

BONUS 5: Discounts to Live Events 
& Workshops

This Bonus is priceless.  As a member of my exclusive community, you have access to my 15 years of industry resources and connections.  Introductions are made when appropriate.

This will save you years of networking by way of my introductions that will spring you to the front of your competition with ease.  You will also get exclusive discounts from some of our technology and service partners.

Here's a quick walkthrough of our actual platform you will
gain instant access to when you join today...

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Here's What Some of Our Members 
Are Saying about this community...

The Freight Skills Academy is a blueprint that gives you all the tools you need to close the gap between where you are right now and the successful broker that you want to be so that you too can tap into this HUGE (profitable) and growing industry.


A lot of people don’t know this, but outside of running my business I coach other brokers and consult large companies in their logistics and supply chain.  My consulting fees can run anywhere from $3000 to over $10,000 depending on the level I get involved in the business.  But I know that’s not affordable for aspiring business owners.

So, I’ve broken down all the things I teach into training modules combined with a support community that anyone can follow on their own at home.

Enroll in my program today and you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to my ongoing Freight Skills Academy Program:

The Total Value of my training is well over 10,000.  (My Coaching programs don’t go for less that $3000 alone.  And thinking logically, even at $10000 it would be a steal.  Just 1 or 2 customers acquired from my methods could have you on your way to making 3 times that in just a few months.

That’s the beauty of the freight brokerage business model.  Low overhead, and recurring work that you can build on lets you make a lot of net profit(aka. money in your bank account that you can actually spend.)

But I’m not selling this program to make a lot of money – I make money in my actual brokerage.  I made this to help YOU do the same, so you won’t be paying anywhere near the full price when you join today…

I decided to sell my full coaching/training program for a flat $3000 but if you enroll today by choosing one of these affordable options...

Membership program with everything you need how to launch, manage, grow and maintain a profitable brokerage from home at your own pace.

  • Get step by step guidance on brokerage setup, licensing, funding and other key elements to build a strong foundation.
  • Learn every mode of transport to diversify your services for more profit. (Dryvan, Drayage, Flatbed, LTL, and More)
  • Learn advanced carrier management techniques to build the reliable carrier base you need to cover your client's freight.
  • Copy the same prospecting and sales strategy used by successful brokerages that generate millions in freight revenue per year.
  • Protect yourself with contract templates for every important document you will need for your customers and carriers.
  • Join an exclusive community of Freight Broker's where Luis and other members can help you get help on issues, questions and more that you will experience on a daily basis.  

Plus all the scripts, contracts and templates you can ethically COPY quickly INSTALL into your own business.

Freight Skills Academy is the industries most comprehensive & up to date Freight Broker Training.

Choose From one of these affordable options:


Basic Package

Month to Month Access to the Freight Skills Academy*

Get the course, community and support while your membership is active.

Secure Payment.

*Subject to our recurring subscription payment terms and conditions.  Cancel anytime by emailing support or directly from their own membership portal.  Standard refund and guarantee apply


Lifetime Access

*Best Value*

Lifetime Access to the Freight Skills Academy (One-time investment)

Get Lifetime Access to the community, support and course updates forever

Secure Payment.


VIP 1-1 Mentoring
+ Lifetime Access

Get LIfetime Access to the Freight Skills Academy + 3 VIP 1-1 Video Coaching Calls with Luis

  • 24/7 Access to Course Modules
  • 3 VIP 1-1 Calls 
  • Save $150 on Regular Consulting Package
  • Limited Spots Available

Secure Payment.

  $1150 $995  

VIP 1-1 Mentoring
+ Lifetime Access (3 Sessions)

Get LIfetime Access to the Freight Skills Academy + 3 VIP 1-1 Video Coaching Calls with Luis

Get Lifetime Access to the community, support and course updates forever

Secure Payment.

 $1500 $1350

VIP 1-1 Mentoring
+ Lifetime Access (6 Sessions)

Get LIfetime Access to the Freight Skills Academy + 6 VIP 1-1 Video Coaching Calls with Luis

  •  + 6 VIP 1-1 Calls (6 Months)
  • Save $250 Get 1 Video Coaching Session Free
  • Limited Spots Available
  • Bonus Access to Luis' VIP Whatsapp group for text-support

Secure Payment.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee

Our Freight Broker Accelerator comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not delighted with this training, simply
contact our Support Team and you will be given a full refund.

Meet Your Instructor

Luis Uribe

Luis is a 15 year veteran of the freight brokerage industry. After taking over a family run brokerage after one decade Luis' has extensive experience in all aspects of brokering including operations, sales, team growth & management and more.  

Luis started Freight Broker Mentor after noticing a pattern of old information circulating the freight broker community and has made it his mission to help 100,000 freight brokers reach profitability.   Freight Broker Mentor's goal is to make brokerage education accessible to as many people as possible while maintaining quality and relevance with method's that work today in the modern age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription or one-time charge?

Depending on the option you choose, this is either a monthly payment of $39.00 or a one time charge of $390 for lifetime access.  If you choose monthly payments your access will be available as long as your subscription is active.  Ending your subscription will end access to all features of the program and you will be unable to rejoin at a later date

I'm already an established broker, WIll I benefit from this Program?

Yes! I might go as far to say you will benefit MORE.  Even the best of the best have mentors that can teach them things from a different perspective.  In my experience even learning a single strategy or tactic can make a huge impact on your business to either save or make you a lot of money.  We never truly know it all and even the most experienced brokers learn something new every day.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Freight Broker or Agent?

To set up a freight brokerage, times vary due to the processing volume of government agencies. This could take anywhere from 30-60 days or more.  An agent on the other hand can be up and running with a partner brokerage in as little as a few days.  The Freight Broker Accelerator is designed to help you master the craft as you wait for your licenses to process with the government making it a great choice for you if you've just applied for your registration etc.

When Do I get Access to materials?

You Get access to the course and group as soon as you click Purchase.  You will receive all of your credentials to our high-end course platform as well as an invite to our private community by email.  If you don't just email  Just make sure you check spam first!

Are there other costs associated with Freight brokering?

Brokering can consist of a lot of up-front investment and that's why we chose to make this program as accessible as possible for those just starting out.  You can expect to pay for insurance (if you choose), software such as TMS systems, carrier bills and more.  These costs vary based on the options you choose.

How much support do i get From luis?

Luis spends most of his time creating content that will benefit the community as a whole.  With that said, Luis is always hanging out in the Facebook Group answering questions, explaining concepts and making connections to help you succeed when appropriate.  You have full access to our exclusive community to have your questions answered whether it is from Luis himself or a helpful member of the community.  If you have an administrative question, you can always submit it to the support team at  THIS IS NOT A COURSE WHERE WE FORGET ABOUT YOU AS SOON AS YOU SIGN UP. We are here to help you achieve your brokerage goals.

Can I Share My Login?

Each sign up represents one digital license.  Because we incur costs such as hosting, and maintain a high level of customer support, at this time you are unable to share your login.  If you are interested in an enterprise level account for you and your team, please email to discuss possible bundle options for your team. Please note we will deactivate any accounts found to be exploiting the system without warning.  We monitor login's from different IP addresses so we will reach out if we find anything out of the ordinary.

Can this material be used to train new employees?

The good news is, this whole course was developed as a training program for a real 8 figure brokerage.  So you are getting access to on the job training the same quality that Luis uses in his own brokerage.  You can buy licenses for your agents and get them up to speed with the industry.  This material will save you time and take years off their learning curve. 

Can you get me a job after training?

This program will be full of broker's looking for quality agents to add to their staff.  We will have an organized system for our members to offer jobs to others as part of our roadmap.  While there are no guarantees, being a part of our eco-system will give you an advantage and first priority to find a position with other brokers in our ecosystem.

Is this a certified course?

Currently, the FMCSA does not require any specialized education to become a freight broker. You will not receive a diploma per say, but the experience and knowledge you acquire through the course will help you succeed on your own in this competitive industry.  As we grow the Freight Broker Mentor name our goal is to be recognized by the top brokerages as being well trained after going through this course.

How much money will i make?

Impossible to say! Some make millions and some don't.  It all depends on your effort and passion for the job. There are numerous success stories of people growing their brokerage from 0 to millions.  While I can't guarantee that will happen to you, I can tell you that by taking this course you will be in a better position after it than you would be if you hadn't taken it at all.